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The presentation commercial/movie from the production studio Videolab will become your round-the-clock and reliable assistant. The video will enter an office or a meeting through the closed doors worldwide, it will repeat and show your offer over and over again with the necessary message. Everything will be fast, comprehensible and interesting. The result is awareness and audience attention, its loyalty.

We will tell about your project or service terse and clear

The team of the production studio Videolab consists of specialists-businessmen, who are professionals of their craft and work effectively in video production for many years. If you become our client you will receive a high-quality commercial, competent organization of creative process, well-organized and excellent result-oriented work, guarantees of the legal entity and at the same time reasonable prices which are caused by lower tax burden for self-employed entrepreneur. Certificate №35-4937 of the member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Do you need presentation video? We are able to create it! Regardless of complexity and volume we will transform the information on your business to the clear message, interesting to the viewer. Our video will leave real impressions and imprint easily in the memory.

We will hear and understand exactly your tasks. We will direct all the energy and talent multiplied by ten years' experience to their decision

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Why clients are happy with our work and recommend us to the partners

Отзыв о Видеолаб - ПользаOAO Baranovichi Automobile Units Plant (Open Joint-Stock Company, Belarus) expresses thanks and profound gratitude to the staff of Studio Videolab.by for effective cooperation. Thank you for your initiativity and responsiveness. Your studio proved to be the reliable and conscientious performer capable of carrying out difficult tasks quickly and at a high professional level. We wish you and the staff of your studio further success in work, good luck and well-being. We are looking forward to further cooperation which will remain same pleasant! Yours faithfully, director of OJSC «BAAZ» V.A. Yurkevich

Отзыв о Видеолаб - ПользаOOO Belpa-med (Limited Liability Company, Belarus) company expresses sincere gratitude to the staff of Studio Videolab.by for the production of the sizzle reel about products of TM «Polza». We want to express thanks for professionalism, ability to hear and understand the customer, for the accuracy and coherency in work, for the modern approach. In response to numerous wishes from our side, specialists from the company Videolab.by regularly made adjustments and gave recommendations which had a positive impact on the quality of the sizzle reel. Selected actors, music and other attributes necessary for shooting met our expectations. We are looking forward to further cooperation!

Отзыв о Видеолаб - baumalogWhen choosing the contractor for industrial videorecording of the object in Brest our company Baumalog Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company, Poland) considered suggestions from Polish and Belarussian production-studios. Execution period, production cost, but first of all quality of performance, ensuring of expressiveness and clarity of demonstration of difficult shooting were important for us. As a result we are happy with the choice and the work performed by studio VIDEOLAB.by. Now the commercial created at GEFEST enterprise (Belarus) by studio VIDEOLAB.by is recommended as a standard for the video cases of Baumalog Sp. z o.o.

Отзыв о Видеолаб - takedaTakeda Belarus Representative Office is very pleased to recommend Videolab.by as a partner for advertisement or social video/film production. Within our cooperation Videolab.by provided the creative concepts, the technical solutions and the work flow process to make the end product (corporate culture video clip) absolutely perfect. The company Videolab.by has unique ability to not only create an idea or vision, but the skillful knowledge and creativity necessary to make it reality. Their abilities in producing videos are superior. We can sincerely recommend them to a video/film production facility as excellent editors with the capacity to handle additional responsibilities including graphic creation, animation, special effects, sound engineering and direction. They are also very flexible in terms of contract and payment relations and can create a very comfortable atmosphere for all participants of a project of video producing. The quality of work provided by Videolab.by is «top shelf» and we will definitely continue our cooperation with them.

Отзыв о Видеолаб - КамвольOAO KAMVOL (Open Joint-Stock Company, Belarus)thanks Studio Videolab.by for effective cooperation in production of the sizzle reel for our enterprise. We want to mention highly skilled approach, professionalism, efficiency, accurately organized team work, ability to solve problems in the shortest possible time and interest in the result of the work. In the course of collaboration with Studio Videolab.by all wishes were taken into account, much attention was given to many details. One of the important conditions was the creation of the sizzle reel in the shortest possible time. It called for careful scheduling and efficiency. Thanks to professionalism of the Videolab.by team we received a fine product. The experience and talent of the director and operator helped to present our enterprise in the best way. All goals and tasks which were set by OAO KAMVOL for creation of the sizzle reel were successfully achieved. We wish further success and interesting projects!

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